Decorative and Functional

Peppermint Candy Dish: Broken glass center is surrounded by complimentary strips. 8″ round.

$65. Contact for purchase info.
Ribbon Candy: Cold Serving Platter, 11″ Round. Design: Center made from previously fired glass piece, broken, set in clay mold with cut strips added around sides. Colors: Deep red,
amber, and almond. Fired twice again. Other uses: Float flowers or candles.

$125. Contact for purchase info.
Iridescent Striped: Platter, 14″ square. Design: Iridescent stripes are fired face up giving a velvet texture to glass. Fall colors: Deep red, Christmas green, lime green, amber, almond with light olive center.

$190. Contact for purchase info.
Black Back Striped Bowl: 10″ round. Design: Black base accented with lime green opal glass stripes and noodles. Fired twice.

$165. Contact for purchase info.
Shades of Red Platter: 12″ x 7″. Design: Geometric design using opal white streaked with frit. Opal orange and transparent burnt red.

$88. Contact for purchase info.
Purple Platter: 12″ x 7″. Design: Light purple base. Transparent dark purple and streaked orange, opal white and lavender.

$88. Contact for purchase info.
Earth Tone Platter: 12″ x 7″. Design: Transparent turquoise base, with shades of gray, light almond, and white on top.

$88. Contact for purchase info.
Pattern Bar Small Appetizer Plates: 10″ x 5″. Design: Center design are wet saw cut from pre-fired glass. Transparent gray glass under design with medium gray glass on sides.

$65 each. Contact for purchase info.
Caribbean Plate: 11″ x 11″. Transparent royal blue, opal iridescent white, black, and iridescent glass are repeated in the design. Center accent are precut murrine glass.

$140. Contact for purchase info.
Sunset Bowl: 13″ Round bowl. Brushed sunset red colors accented with dichroic pieces.

$125. Contact for purchase info.
Wispy Lavender Bowl: 11″ x 11″ shallow bowl. Design: two layers of clear and wispy lavender glass accented with darker lavender pieces.

$45. Contact for purchase info.
Blue, Brown, and Champagne toned Serving Plate: 11″ x 11″ serving Plate. Design: Base of transparent champagne glass decorated with light blue corners and iridescent sides. Wavy light brown and grey center.

$45. Contact for purchase info.

Ribbon Candy Dish: Broken glass center is surrounded by complimentary strips. 8″ round.

$65. Contact for purchase info.
Old Fashion Candy Looking Bowl: 14″ round. Design: Burgundy, green, white. Center made from previously fired glass piece, broken, set in center of mold with cut strips around outside. Fired twice again.

$150. Contact for purchase info.
Flower Spokes: Bowl, 11.5″ Round
Design: Center traps flowers, cut outside spokes hold iridescent glass between. Colors: Shades of blue, patterned sea blue, iridescent, and turquoise.

$150. Contact for purchase info.
Clear Cut Glass Bowl on Pedestal: 8″

$65. Contact for purchase info.
Circus Design: Shallow 12″ round dish both Decorative & Functional. Design: Clear glass with multi colored stones. Blue center and spindles.

$175. Contact for purchase info.
Many Spindles: 14″ Round Platter
Design: Dark red, maroon, and champagne.

$185. Contact for purchase info.
Lime Green Bowl: 11″ square. Glass: wispy lime green with unique design. Good for sauces, dips, or candy.

$70. Contact for purchase info.
SOLD Multi Fruit Bowl: 11″ Round Bowl Design: Royal blue background outlined on outer edge with lemons, apricots, cherries, pears, bananas, and apples.

$135. Contact for purchase info.
Iridescent Reflection Bowl: Design: Glass cut into flower shape with warm green base layer and iridescent top cut layers reflective with light.

$170. Contact for purchase info.
Strawberry Basket: Plate, 9″ x 9″ Design: Woven look in wispy brown, black, off-white, and light blue. Strawberries on vine accents. The corners bend up slightly.

$165. Contact for purchase info.
Autumn Colors Bowl: A 9″ x 9″ bowl.
Design: Burnt red, gold, black, and iridescent.

$90 set. Contact for purchase info.
Swirl Amber/Orange Platter: 17″ square. Design: Ecru, burnt red and orange with pre-made melt stones and ecru noodle accents.

$170. Contact for purchase info.