About the Artist

Marie Cogar

4 Wellsprings Rd
Saranac Lake, NY 12983

Studio visits by appointment. Work on display at Cape Air Gallery, Saranac Lake NY.

Wellsprings Spectrum

Marie Cogar grew up in Wisconsin surrounded by the colorful orchards, gardens, flowers and nature that inspired her art, singing, piano and family therapy practice. Marie obtained her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from University of Wisconsin prior to moving to Saranac Lake in 1982. Her creativity was expressed in changing family dynamics over her 34-year professional career.

With retirement, Marie has more time for choral singing and pursuing the art of fused glass. Designing and creating daily and decorative fused glass pieces have provided Marie with a creative challenge. She uses the medium of weaving, combing, screen melting, cold working, kiln firing, lighting, and metal and wood displaying in her fused glass. Attending juried art celebrations in New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts has brought a business dimension to Marie’s art.

Wellsprings Spectrum Studio enjoys views of Whiteface, Moose, and McKenzie mountains; and the High Peaks are a constant inspiration.

The Artist at Work

The Materials

Large sheets of glass, and an assortment of pliers, cutters, scissors, and glue are the tools of the trade. Colored rocks, dots, and ‘frit’ add to the design.

Cutting the Glass

The artist cuts the glass on a Morton Board. Steady pressure is applied to the glass to score the top ‘skin’, allowing it to be broken with pliers. A Siberschnitt Precision Cutter helps cut glass into a circle.

Smoothing the Glass

Wet grinders help smooth out the rough glass edges. The artist uses a Covington Belt Grinder and an All-Star Wet Grinder.

In the Kiln

The artist makes use of clay molds and a metal screen melt mold to craft her designs. The pieces are then fired in an Evenheat Kiln. The temperature varies depending on the desired effect.